Terms & Conditions for Show Exhibitors

1. The Show organisers provide only the space for the erection of stands, exhibitors must provide everything else. A table will be provided on request.

2. Show Exhibiters - A general description of the nature of the exhibit will be published on the show website up to a maximum of 30 words including the name, address and telephone number of the exhibitor, provided that the application is made before the 25th June. Exhibitors must provide the relevant details on the booking form. BOOKINGS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT A DESCRIPTION OF THE GOODS/SERVICES.

Information from exhibitors will be stored on a computer and published on our website and in our programme. Submission of an application is irrevocable consent for this.

3. INSURANCE - a copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate MUST be available on request your . All trade stands must have their own insurance.

4. RISK ASSESSMENT – a completed Risk Assessment Form must be available on request on the day.

5. ALLOCATION OF SPACE - the final decision regarding allocation of Trade Stands will be made by the show organisers.

6. EXHIBITORS - must not sub-let space allocated to them.

7. CHARITIES - A limited number of spaces are available to Charities. Where the show organisers have allocated space to recognised charities, such space may only be used for promotional purposes and the sale of items for the benefit to the charity. The Charity's registered number must be included on the booking form.

8. ENTRY PASSES - exhibitors' will be issued with a show pass.

9. DELIVERY ONLY AND SET-UP - Vehicles can drop off stands and equipment in the main car park, once off loaded they should be parked across the road allowing show visitors to park.

10. NO STAND MUST EXCEED THE SPACE BOOKED. Encroachment upon neighbouring stands will be penalised and invoiced, and if it is found that insufficient space has been booked, the exhibitor will be allocated another site, or if this is not practical, will be required to leave.

11. REFUNDS – There will be no refund for any booking cancelled within 28 days of the show. For any cancellations prior to this the show organisers will offer a 75% refund if they are able to resell the space allocated. Any refund will not be issued until after the Show.

12. IT IS REGRETTED THAT RAFFLES, TOMBOLAS AND SIMILAR ACTIVITIES MAY NOT BE HELD, unless part of a national promotion. Live animals, birds, fish etc. are not to be sold or offered as prizes.

13. NOISE NUISANCE - exhibitors may not draw attention to their goods in such a way as to cause annoyance to other exhibitors or visitors to the show. This includes the use of microphones/amplifiers, which are not permitted. Trading by auction is also NOT permitted. Any legitimate complaint in this respect may lead to the exhibitor causing the nuisance being required to leave.

14. DISPLAY ACTS - wishing to use radio microphones during the show are required to inform the

Show organisers in writing, stating the frequencies to be used at least one month prior to the event. The Show organisers reserve the right to limit the number of frequencies and power should they interfere with the show's own equipment or that of the main contractors. Any organisation using the same frequency will be asked to change or to cease using the equipment.

15. REFRESHMENTS - hospitality may be provided by exhibitors to their customers and guests, but no charge may be made for these refreshments.

16. HEALTH & SAFETY and LIABILITY - The Show organisers have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health & safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, please take reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and obey the instructions the show organisers, its Officials and Stewards. Please clear rubbish and debris regularly and after the Show.

The shows organisers, it’s Officers and Servants shall not be held responsible for any accident damage or loss that may occur to any exhibitor or his employee while entering or leaving or during the period it is at the show.

The Show organisers cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for the safe keeping of any article exhibited or brought into the Show by an exhibitor. The sites are not secure, please make your own security arrangements. Do not leave vehicles unattended.

Trade exhibitors are required to effect with a reputable Insurance Company, Public and Product Liability Insurance cover commensurate to the nature of their business.

This schedule is issued subject to compliance with latest requirements of the Department For Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Health & Safety Executive and Local Authority. A risk assessment should be made available for inspection on the day, if required, together with a fire assessment, and where applicable copies of the current safety and insurance certificates.

The show organisers shall not be held responsible in the event of Force Majeure or cancellation.

17. EXHIBITORS - can be provided with Mains electricity. Exhibitors will be required to have a valid Flash Test Certificate for each electrical item used.

18. EXHIBITORS SELLING FOOD - Must get authorisation from show organisers before booking. If permission is given you must include the name of the Local Authority with whom they are registered. Exhibitors should be aware of their responsibilities under the Food Safety

19. EXHIBITORS SELLING ALCOHOL – Sale of alcohol by stall holders will not be allowed.