There will be 3 seminars running during the Business Show.  These are free to attend and all our speakers are specialists in their fields.

Debbie Buckley - Executive Business Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Trainer

"Winning Websites"

Debbie's seminar will help you to understand what really works online.  How to get your website from zero to hero by making some simple changes that will accelerate your leads, sales and profits.  

 11.30am   Julie Stevens - Younique Designs / Younique Workspace

Since the early 1990s Julie has helped business owners and managers realise the potential of their work environments.  She understands the necessary components that go together to ensure that businesses and individuals are productive, happy and profitable.  Her belief is that our environments affect our performance, productivity, wellbeing and happiness.

Julie's seminar will take you and your clients on a journey through the spaces you do business in.  She will look at each "touch point" with a designers eye and cause you to question the design decisions you have made for your business and brand so far.
Dave Farmer - Lime Consultancy

"How to get your business funding motoring"

Founder of the award winning Lime Consultancy, shares his background in underwriting business lending and shows how to present your business to get the best deal for you when borrowing. His seminar will include a look into crowdfunding, traditional lending and what the future holds.  

Lime Consultancy were awarded Small Commercial Finance Specialist 2013 and UK Crowdfunding Advisers of the Year 2014.